Welcome in Crossen at Erlau in Saxony, administrative district Middle-Saxony - founded 1290
It seems it so, however, isn't! The time hasn't gone without trace over with us either!


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Crossen was part of the royal circle main team Leipzig in 1899
(today county.Chemnitz)
Royal office main team Rochlitz
(today administrative district Middle-Saxony, Freiberg)

Office captain was Dr. Horst Süßmilch (today District Administrator Volker Uhlig)
Office juridical district Mittweida (today district court Hainichen)

Royal authorities

Justice of the peace: Otto Naumann in Erlau; Registry office: Ernst Weinrich;
Battle tax one recipient: H.Katzschmann.

Local authority

Aldermen: Ernst Weinrich. (Today Mayor Wolfgang Ahnert); office cashier: Herm. Katzschmann. ;
Place tax one recipient: Friedrich Gläser. ;
Place judge: Theodor Schneider; Municipality oldest: herm. Jahn 1., Friedrich Gläser 2.
District council: Th. Schneider, Oswald Stockmann, herm. Teichmann, Oswald Geißler,
Rich. Hofmann, Friedrich Franke, Emil Naumann, Bruno Schilling, Robert Möhler.
More spiritual: Theodor Hentschel; Parish council: Parish priest hentschel in front of this. Church schoolteacher Schumann, keeper of minutes; Ernst Weinrich, Th. Schneider, Osw. Stockmann, Osw. Geißler, Emil Naumann, Friedrich Gläser. ; School register administrator: Herm. Katzschmann. The health insurance projected. : Ernst Weinrich. ; cashier and place of registration of the health insurance : Friedrich Gläser. ;
Beadle: (Day and night duty )Hermann Naumann. ; Midwife: Selma Bertha Hönig at Schweikershain. ; Burial: Julius Graupner. ; Meat inspector: Hermann Poppitz.
Notice box for the municipality official announcements: At the joiner champion Emil Naumann's house no. 73.

Imperial post

Post office: With Mr Bruno Katzschmann, no. 83.; Place order: Twice daily from Erlau.
Post-boxes: At the house of Mr Gastwirth Bruno Katzschmann, Ernst Vollert and
Franz Bahrmann.


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